Packaging Machine Operator

Company Name:
Perdue Farms, Inc.
Description/Job Summary
Position Title: Package Machine Operator
Job Code:
Location: Perry Cook Plant
Department: Pack Out
Supervisor's Title: Pack Out Supervisor
Supervisor's Name(s):
Normal Work Schedule
Note: The hours and days of work are established as needed by operations and at the direction of management and, while generally as shown below, may be changed (increased or decreased) by management as required.
Hours of Work: As scheduled by management with 2 30-minute unpaid breaks. Other hours and Saturdays, Sundays and/or holidays if needed by operations and approved by management.
The minimum Formal Education preferred to be considered for this position is (indicated level and years of education and, if a degree is required, the major):
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Reading and writing in English, Analytical Skills
Specialized or technical knowledge, credentials or licensing required for the position include:
None required, but machine operation experience preferred.
The minimum number of Years and/or Months of Prior and Related experience preferred to be considered for this position is:
0 Years 0 Months
The overall purpose of this position, i.e., what it accomplishes at Perdue and/or why it exists is:
Operation of packaging machine(s). Perform minor maintenance. Maintain integrity of bags being made through machinery adjustments. Operate computerized scale to ensure proper weight segments are flowing through the scale into the packaging operation.
Number of Associates Supervised: If exempt, indicate the Annual Dollar Value of:
Salaried: Payroll Budget:
Hourly: Capital Budget:
Total: Assets Managed:
Other Financial Impact:
Describe below the major responsibilities of this position which must be fulfilled with or without reasonable accommodations in order to
achieve the essential purpose of this position.
1. Typically, prior to line start up, obtain the production schedule for the day from supervisor or scheduling office. Set up and program scale before operating according to the product weight running that day. Line up equipment and machinery, turn machines on, and make sure all the equipment is ready to start.
2. Set up bagger at start of shift, and as needed throughout the shift as product runs change, to ensure correct film, weights, etc. are consistently within customer specification. This may include getting supplies from box room to set up equipment. Setup also includes changing Teflon tape daily on jaws of bagger.
3. Make minor machine adjustments to bagger to ensure that finished bags are within customer specifications.
4. Use touch screen to setup/adjust heat settings, mechanical settings, zipper applications, etc.
5. Maintain detailed log of equipment performance, adjustments made to the bagger, etc.
6. Check scales and make adjustments as needed on touch screen to ensure weights are within customer specifications.
7. Operate scale using conveyors and dump buckets to maintain adequate speed and notify supervisor and/or maintenance of any problems. Ensure all buckets are receiving the same amount of product and the top of the scale is clear.
8. Maintain good housekeeping practices throughout the shift and ensure that SSOP/HACCP are strictly adhered to.
9. Report Machine Performance issues and quality concerns to lead or supervisor.
10. Other Duties as assigned by supervisor, including rotation to other departments as needed.
Describe the decision-making authority of this position, the nature and extent of supervision available and the point at which higher approval is required.
Tasks are assigned daily; in addition, the associate is familiar with most control parameters and will be authorized to make adjustments on an individual basis commensurate with his / her demonstrated capabilities.
Make minor adjustments to Bagger. When unable to resolve problems, report to lead or supervisor promptly.
This position spends 0 % of a normal workweek supervising other Associates.
This position spends 0 % of a normal workweek training and developing other Associates.
This position spends 0 % of a normal workweek performing technical analyses and writing reports.
This position spends 0 % of a normal workweek in production or maintenance-related activities.
The environmental factors and / or physical requirements of this position include the following:
Ability to work for 8 hours or more in a stationary position or travel on a wet, moist, dry, greasy, floors which may include medal or plastic grating surfaces with up to 4 hours in a single interval. Ability to work from various types of ladders and/or stairs. Exposure to and work in temperatures of less than -40 degrees and 75 degrees with ambient humidity. Noise exposure of 110 db, and light intensity range of 50 to 100 foot candles. Bending, twisting, lifting up to 50 lbs, reaching, sitting, and grasping varies in repetitions, distance, degrees, angle, weight, heights, longest interval of time, objects grasped, and body positions depending upon the maintenance task required. Exposure to chlorinated water ( 50 ppm, Ammonia vapors ) 5 ppm, dry ice, caustic detergents, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and other chemicals found in a poultry processing plant. Must use and / or wear protective and safety equipment required for the job.
Perdue family of companies is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce.

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