REFRIG OPER (177675)

Description/Job Summary

The purpose of a Refrigeration Operator is to learn to: operate the ammonia refrigeration systems and its related equipment bt adhearing to Standard Operating Procedures and Perdue Safety Procedures; diagnose system problems and make repairs; to make repairs generated from work orders; and to maintain a industrial ammonia refrigeration system ensuring a safe work environment, ensuring compliance with all applicable safety and environmental laws, ensuring compliance with the complex Process Safety Program, maintaining records for their retention period requirements to ensure safe, effective and efficient operations.


1 Pass a physical and meet the requirements for a HAZMAT Team Member annually. 2 Pass pulmonary test and SCBA fit test annually. 3 Use personal protective equipment properly when required by federal, state or company policies, requirements, or procedures. -4 Comply with all federal, state and company safety requirements. 5 Ensure you are never on the shift by yourself until you have completed all training, been certified by the Refrigeration Supervisor as an Operator and completed outside training for certification. 6 Demonstrate a complete understanding of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems both operational and repair. 7 Demonstrate knowledge of procedures and be certified by Refrigeration Supervisor to do an emergency shutdown of the ammonia system. 8 Learn the proper use of all forms, PSM log and check sheets and know the purpose of and requirements for these forms, logs and check sheets. 9 Demonstrate a working knowledge of all department personal computers and use of software.10 Learn, master, perform the following procedures and demonstrate an understanding and proficiency of: A. PSM Requirements and awareness B. All safety programs LOTO, Hot Work, Confined Space Entry, Emergency Shut Down, HAZMAT, Hearing Conservation, personal protection equipment, etc. C. Physical Hazards Analysis s D. HAZWOPER training E. Identify and correct for Process Deviations F. Correctly interpret P&IDs G. How to perform PM Inspections H. Proper operations and PM of other related equipment such as: Boilers, Air Compressors and Ventilation system and requirements I. Attend outside schooling on refrigeration operations11 Maintain own tools and ensure tools are safe to use and the proper tools are available in your toolbox to accomplish the tasks required. 12 The following must be learned and mastered and proficiency demonstrated before being considered for promotion to a Operator: A. Must be able to do all start-ups, shut-downs and defrost procedures on all plant refrigeration systems B. Must be able to perform all operational procedures: 1.) Rounds 2.) Oil Draining 3.) Oil adding 4.) Posting all logs C. Must be able to do all emergency shut-downs and start-ups, reset & restart failed equipment and put all systems back on line 13 Perform other related task as assigned by management. 14 To be eligible for promotion: A. Must have been in current position for twelve months B. No more than two OSHA recordables within a twelve month period and worked six months without an incident. C. No more than two unexcused absences. D. No active disciplinary records. E. Must be able to perform all operator requirements prior to being considered for promotion. 15 Must complete all training and be eligible for promotion within eighteen months or be removed from Refrigeration

Required Qualifications

Working knowledge of Occupational Safety Health Administration (O. S. H. A.) (in South Carolina it is known as Labor, Licensing & Regulation LLR ); knowledge and experience using computers (PCs) and software (Lotus 1-2-3, WordPro, Freelance Graphics, Excell, Word, Power Point); knowledge of ammonia refrigeration systems; and knowledge of the Process Safety Management (PSM) Program. Must have mechanical aptitude. Must pass and/or be licensed on: pulmonary test and medical physical, SCBA fit test certification, Lock-Out / Tag-Out certification, hot work permit requirements certification, confined space entry requirements certification, and pass all requirements and certifications to be a member of the HAZMAT Team. Must supply own tools.

Don't Be Fooled

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